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About DTLAs the now famous quote from W. Edwards Deming states: “In God we trust; all others must bring data.” While the professor may have been ahead of his time, the reality is that nearly all business decisions now rely on some type of supporting data before they get buy-in from a client or a board of directors.

Too often research options are limited to pre-determined topics or pre-set formats and sample audiences. In today’s business climate, companies need targeted data to support and validate key business decisions.

For innovative companies with groundbreaking solutions and unique selling propositions, syndicated research often fails to go far enough to support their business case. In order to make the case for a new product category or highlight a missed market opportunity, many companies need a customized research piece, with feedback from a targeted audience.

At Decision Tree Labs, we build each research project from the ground up to help companies identify opportunities, gather feedback from specialized markets. We then craft that research into the data points needed to make intelligent business decisions and support business cases, both internally and externally.

Our surveys can be based on samples as small as 100 business executives in specific markets or as wide as consumers in global markets.

In addition, by working with our sister company Demand Creation Specialists, we can help clients turn the research findings into impactful white papers, E-books, webinars or other content that can serve to support sales enablement, thought leadership, marketing and demand generation campaigns.


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