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Consumer Trend Panels

Consumer Trend PanelsUsing a targeted online consumer panel, we can help you target specific demographic groups—based on geography, income or shopping habits. For example, we recently worked with TSYS on a survey of more than of more than 400 consumers to gauge awareness, usage and sentiments toward prepaid cards. Among the interesting findings to come from the custom survey, 51% of consumers who had received a prepaid card for a rebate offer wound up purchasing items that cost more than the value of the card.

Contact us to find out how we can work with you to develop an appropriate sample size and target audience. Looking to gauge customer satisfaction, market opportunities or pricing variability, let us help you identify an appropriate audience and turnaround the data you need to build an accurate picture.

B2B Market Surveys

B2B Market SurveysStaying on top of industry trends is critical for solution providers selling within specific verticals. Even with smaller more concentrated sample sizes, we can help you build an accurate snapshot of buying intentions and areas of interest by building deep dive questionnaires and targeting specific titles.

For example, the “Transforming the BtoB Buying Process,” survey we conducted in 2010 found over 80% of BtoB executives who were involved in the purchase of a solution during the past 12 months indicated budget for the project was not approved or allocated during the beginning of the year.

Contact us today to examine how we can help you identify and quantify the key trends within your sector.

Power User Polls

Power User PollsIn many industries, there are a small number of companies and customers that drive the majority of trends and sales volume. Decision Tree Labs helps our customers identify those power users and can concentrate focused research based on their preferences or purchase intentions.

These market snapshots can often provide a powerful snapshot of how larger industry trends will follow based on the adoption curve of market leaders.

Social Samples

Social SamplesUsing the power of “crowdsourcing,” Decision Tree Labs can take the temperature of consumers and/or business executives through a series of targeted questions and polls. This service taps into social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Plaxo for feedback.

In addition to providing insights, this service has also helped to build up the network of followers, fans and friends for many brands as results are shared with participants.

Custom Reports

Custom ReportsOnce our surveys are completed and data is tabulated, Decision Tree Labs works with our custom publishing division to provide a detailed, professional reporting analyzing the findings.

Through our Demand Creation Specialists, these reports can be delivered via Executive Briefs, White Papers, E-books and/or PowerPoint slide decks. In all cases, this custom content service is turnkey and adds a powerful piece that your team can then use for lead generation, sales enablement and thought leadership collateral at events.


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